The New 2019 Definition of Content

Content as a word, a concept, a product … is something we are all familiar with. And today, every company is in the content business. Stacks of content that is being used to communicate something: internally to colleagues, externally to customers, clients, partners and investors. Content fatigue has set in, however (a problem I see […]

Don’t get emotional! Too late, we already are

Fact: we decide based on how we feel. Like it or not, we are just emotional, feeling humans who feel a little (or a lot) different today than yesterday. There are over 7 billion of us, so that’s a lot of individual feelings we have to contend with. How do we work with feelings? Emotions […]

The best stories start like this

What if….?  One simple question starts it all.  And it is a question all of us have asked ourselves. Perhaps even hundreds of times.  As a story consultant to large multinationals, I often put this question to my clients as a way to begin building the story foundation from which far-reaching strategies can come.  “What if….” challenges […]