SpeakingEnergy Scene Thinking™. Transforming storytelling and problem-solving

After years of working closely with clients in the finance, banking, asset management, technology, real estate, insurance, health, government and media sectors, I am now structuring those extremely valuable case studies into a new book that will be complete by early 2019.  Coaching and consulting multinational executives on the principles of SpeakingEnergy Scene Thinking™  enabled […]

Finding powerful stories from simple scenes

On a recent trip to northern Laos (Xam Neua – extraordinary place!), I was given access to many things I have never seen before. Some of them scenes one would expect in Laos (the stunning landscape, for example) and some of them experiences that surprised me and made me think – a lot.  The latter […]

Story scenes in 2017. Set your scene

The most obvious statement now is: we live in a storytelling world.  How can companies be better equipped to participate in this world – regardless of our business or our products?  My answer is: think much more clearly and strategically about the story scenes you create. Humans understand scenes. We live them every day. We […]