Scenes: The Energy Source of the Business Story

Recently a client a came to me with one question: Why aren’t we getting better results from the content we have spent months developing? 

As this is a question I frequently get, the next step was to request a meeting so that I could analyze what they had.  The content they showed me (mostly PowerPoint presentations) was diverse, and the first thing they said was. “This is important to how we are communicating with clients and investors globally.”

I could see they had some great material; a mix of financial data, marketing and sales figures. Equally as importantly, this was content that was not just for external use. A lot of what they had was being used in internal meetings as well.

In short, the story they wanted to tell had to be told better … and so we got to work on Scene Thinking™.

Scenes are the energy source of the story. It is what you own. All successful filmmakers, authors, playwrights, digital influencers … will tell you that. If you don’t understand the Scenes, your interest will quickly drop.  Everyone who has ever watched a film (and that is everyone), can relate to that.

SpeakingEnergy Scene Thinking™ is focused on one thing: Making Scenes great. So when this client wanted to get “better results” from their content, we had to analyze each Scene to understand its relationship to the overall story and begin reshaping those Scenes to be much more problem-solving focused so that they could be easily – and quickly – understood by everyone who would experience that story.  Storytelling is problem-solving!

Scene ownership is the one thing that can set your company apart quickly from your competitors. If you are not professionally analyzing your Scenes, you are losing control of your story. Who will take control of that story? Your competitors? Maybe. And if they do, in today’s rapidly evolving world, we may have difficulty taking those Scenes back.

Every company is in the content business. But one of the problems that content heavy companies and organizations face is that “content weariness” has set in – especially internally where executives are asked to “present” all the time. What are they presenting, Scenes or slides?  Which one is causing this “weariness” to set in?

After a few days, my client had turned their existing content into energized, valuable, story Scenes. The results were immediate.

Scene Thinking™ … SpeakingEnergy is entirely focused on helping you get more for the stories that you own. We don’t “tell you what to say” – you are the experts in your business – we just help you think inside your Scenes and get more from your valuable content.




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