The best stories start like this

What if….?  One simple question starts it all.  And it is a question all of us have asked ourselves. Perhaps even hundreds of times.  As a story consultant to large multinationals, I often put this question to my clients as a way to begin building the story foundation from which far-reaching strategies can come.  “What if….” challenges […]

Imagine your comfort zone. Perfect. Now stay in it…and thrive

“You have to get out of your comfort zone.” Words we have all frequently heard – and indeed perhaps spoken ourselves. ‘Getting out’ of anything is difficult – never mind a comfort zone. Who wants to leave comfort? Instead of feeling the pressure to get out of our comfort zone, try pulling from your vast […]

Stories accepted, resumes not

A couple of years ago I advised a SpeakingEnergy client to pursue a “No resume policy.” The strategy was simple: when advertising open positions state: “We’re only accepting stories, not resumes. Schedule an appointment…come in and tell us a story about yourself.” The results far exceeded their expectations. Since that first experiment I have advised […]

Story: A Contract with the Known

Every day, every one of us enters the unknown; a new day, with new challenges, new opportunities; some of which we may not have planned for – regardless of how organized or prepared for anything we think we are. And, consciously or not, we also enter each day looking for the comfort of a story […]